Saturday, September 24, 2005

another cool shot
garbage in the flooded parking lot
WEEE my own room with my own oxygen line and tv
Privacy curtains i guess.
My new room in the hospital.
Get it while its cold.
The Dome
Cop inquiring about drugs, these guys were dealing drugs right in front of us at a Red Cross Supply Point
Cool old guy with a funky bike, i think he was the only one in this neigborhood that was packing heat.
Not doing a very good job on guard duty.
This cop chick showed us some funny pictures of some guys she caught lighting buildings on fire. She shocked them all in the balls with her tazer. Thats what happens when you try to be a pyro when martial laws in action.
Me and my air guard friend lisa.
All the damn Krispy Kreme donuts we could handle. 2,000 i think.
The school was flooding during a big rain, that was loads of fun.
Decon and shower tent
I almost cried.
Lots of MRE'S
This was a walmart that was supposed to be closed but the staff let us in to get some supplies we needed for free. Its weird to stand in walmart with a loaded M16.
Going to walmart
Missing a few windows.
This poor dog was rescued from an apartment, the owners had evacuated and just left him.
a cool shot
Blood Pressure
This survivor was worried about his blood pressure so we checked him out.
More meet and greet stuff
Hard to see, but a crapload of jewelry just thrown on the ground. I think a looter got scared and ran.
More and More remnants.
More remnants.
Remnants of a looted video game store.
The hummer earned them somehow, im not sure of the details.
Ahh yes, time to have a nice cold can of filtered drinking water.
Looters used shopping carts maybe?
Locals asking for help.
A confused old man that we ended up taking to a hospital. He was out of medication.
Insane destruction
These guys own a bar, called "the BAR", lmao, we thought they were looters but they checked out ok.
I call this one, the Time Magazine shot, Or the Elian Gonzales shot
How we wash our clothes
Checking an Apartment for Looters
Willis and Me on Patrol
New Residence at Grace King HS
High Tech - Me Likey
A cool boat!
Making Repairs
Bad Air
Moving the Water
Cool Supply Chopper