Saturday, September 25, 2004

Fast and the Curious

Tonight I met up with some streets racers, I had seen a group of about 25 to 30 cars in a parking lot and I decided to see what was going on. The guy I met said they had set up this meeting in a forum online. I thought that was pretty cool, street racers putting the net to use for their pride racing needs! LOL! Anyways there was a little trash talking and a lot of challenges on the table. I got to see 5 races, it was quite an adrenaline rush even though i wasn't even racing! My friend Ashley was with me through all this although she said that she felt invisible since most of this was "guy stuff" and nothing she would really like to conversate about. But that's ok shes still a little sweetie. I should go to Applebee's right now and bug her at work! =) Peace Out

IV's for You and Me

Well i'm done with my Combat Lifesaver Training and very relieved. Apparently I passed with flying colors. I'm not sure if it's something that I would like to do on a day to day basis, but I assume it's good to have the knowledge to save lives. I think the hardest task for me to complete on the course was starting an IV on a patient. I have a deep rooted fear of needles and I thought I was going to be pretty shakey during the process, but thanks to a few tips from my dad and the courage of the poor Sergeant that let me train on him, everything went quick and painless. The medics giving the class were impressed with the confidence i had over the situation. All in all I can say it was an interesting experience, yet I still have some fears to conquer when it comes to needles I think this was a big step in overcoming my weakness. Hey little bro if your reading this, "Kick ass in Iraq, and watch your F****** Back" LOL! Peace out!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Boondock Saints

Well last night I was planning on getting some sleep but some of my friends wanted to watch the Boondock Saints in the day room. I thought I had seen the movie before but i was wrong, and it was a very good movie! I didn't get to finish it all, I had to get some sleep, but im sure Farish will let me borrow it tonight. But seriously I can't believe I haven't seen this movie before, because its really an oustanding flick! Still tired, so i think i'll take a nap. Peace Out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sealab 2021

This is just a quick post for me to explain my appreciation for Sealab 2021! That show rocks, and If you haven't seen it yet then your missing out. I just got done watching it, jesus its the most hilarious show. It comes on Adult Swim Cartoon Network usually around 10:00pm! SEALAB 2021 YOU ROCK!

550 Watts of *poof* (Nothing)

This morning I woke up, swaggered over to the computer, and turned on the monitor, and *poof* nothing happened. Immediately i tore open the service door and began troubleshooting the various components. I got it narrowed down to the power supply, I think. Anyways thats just one more thing for me to stress about. But at least if everything goes right this week I'll be able to fly to Kansas to hang out with my friend Kenny. For now I just got to get through this Combat Lifesavers Course! I better start studying for it. Goodnight.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Winding Down

Well its the end of the day, its chilly outside, and I keep wondering why I have to take the combat lifesaver course this thursday. Im not ready for it and I have a big fear of needles! I don't feel like im qualified to give someone an IV. But thats all insubstantial because the military can do whatever it wants. We shall see what comes of this quick upcoming crisis. Anyways, hey Bro i know your not having any fun over in Iraq but things will get better and you'll be back home soon. Just hold out until then! =)