Saturday, September 25, 2004

IV's for You and Me

Well i'm done with my Combat Lifesaver Training and very relieved. Apparently I passed with flying colors. I'm not sure if it's something that I would like to do on a day to day basis, but I assume it's good to have the knowledge to save lives. I think the hardest task for me to complete on the course was starting an IV on a patient. I have a deep rooted fear of needles and I thought I was going to be pretty shakey during the process, but thanks to a few tips from my dad and the courage of the poor Sergeant that let me train on him, everything went quick and painless. The medics giving the class were impressed with the confidence i had over the situation. All in all I can say it was an interesting experience, yet I still have some fears to conquer when it comes to needles I think this was a big step in overcoming my weakness. Hey little bro if your reading this, "Kick ass in Iraq, and watch your F****** Back" LOL! Peace out!


  1. You mean to tell me that you didnt have to have an IV stuck in you too?! What kind of CLS course is this! Bah! Anyways its just your lil bro sayin whats up from IRAQ!! I decided to get Blogged myself so i could post a comment. I might put a profile an stuff in later.

  2. Hey little bro, yeah man the medics told me that I didn't have to get stuck to qualify, i just had to stick someone. I don't really feel like being used as a training dummy for a soldier that has never given anyone an IV in their life. Peace out bro! (And remember, if an Iraqi runs at you screaming! Just throw sand in his eyes, theres plenty of it! LOL)