Friday, December 10, 2004

AHHH Smell that Christmas

Listen to that... do you hear it? Ahhh yes the sound of Radioshack, Sears, and other assorted conglomerates getting their sticky traps ready for another Christmas full of stampeding consumers and jolly fat santa people. Its surely the time of year when cash ruptures from our ass like some kind of particle collider. I look forward to the ass rupturing though, what would our economy do without customers like me that buy really neat things that won't likely make it past new years before it gets broken or outlived.
I can see myself now, window shopping, looking at that shiny new Apple-Peelings disposal unit "Geezus i need that, it will save me hundreds of dollars on apple peelings disposal costs, just THINK of the possiblities!". Well im not actually that gullible but interesting enough during the Christmas season I just tend to feel more spendy. LOL Spendy is a cool word, i just made it up. If it's already a word, then i've made it my word. Either way it perfectly describes the Christmas mood. =)

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