Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Google What Can't You Do?

Google is the most amazing thing since sliced ram, until Android becomes the new standard, I was counting up the things I use through Google and I realized almost half the stuff I do online is through Google! If you really look through the services they provide they have some interesting stuff, like the Patent viewer, being able to search and look through all the patents ever made and then digitized. It's fun to go through and look at some of the weird stuff that will never be mass produced.

And if I ever try to use another search engine it just feels gross and unstable compared to using Google's simple interface.

If any of you out there are web developers, I highly suggest using Google analytics, it's one of the most useful tools I've found on google so far. And if you want to see their newest stuff you really need to do some reading on the new Android stuff they've developed.

Well that's it for now, post a comment and let me know how google has helped you out or saved you time in your daily routine!

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-Justin K.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Justin. No doubt googly has great search results. I often compare the results of G, yahoo and Bing(msn). G's results are far superior to the results in yahoo. Bing has great results too. Im use Analytics too for my website. Great tools there. Ill have to look into this Android stuff.