Thursday, July 16, 2009

Listening to Pandora

I love Pandora, what a concept. It used to be commercial free but not I am seeing advertisements. I'm not really upset about it, I just really hoped they would be able to stay ad free. Most services start out like this but ultimately go the advertisement route to start paying the server bills. I'm sure to them it just makes sense! If you've never heard of Pandora I suggest you check it out, you can make your own radio stations that play the kind of music that you like, and it usually gets it right.

Visit Pandora at

You won't be sorry and you'll have music streaming through your speakers in no time!

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-Justin K.


  1. ThXs. I like the name Pandora, I call myself her monkey on one of my sites. Lol.

  2. Really? LOL that's cool, do you use Pandora?